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Free Praxis Sample Tests

Are you a recent college graduate in the field of education? Are you currently trying to complete the steps towards teacher certification in your state? Then you may need to take one of the Praxis tests since many states and organizations require the Praxis as part of the teacher certification process.

The Praxis Test is divided into two main parts: the PPST (Praxis I) and content-knowledge tests (Praxis II). Some states also require the Praxis III, which is a performance assessent. This website is devoted to the first part of the Praxis exam, the PPST or Pre-Professional Skills Test.

The purpose of the PPST or Praxis 1 is to determine whether you have the necessary skills expected of a beginning teacher.

The Praxis 1 testing system consists of three sections – Writing, Reading, and Math. If you need more information on what is included on each of the sections, please visit the following pages for testing information and free practice tests:

Praxis 1 Writing Test

Praxis 1 Reading Test

Praxis 1 Math Test

You can take each one of these sections of the exam separately, or you can pay a reduced fee to take all of the sections in one day as a combined test.

You can take either the paper version of the exams, or you can take the computerized version.

If you decide to take the Praxis tests separately, you will be allowed 1 hour to complete each section. If you decide to take the computerized version of the combined Praxis tests, you will be granted 4 hours in total. This gives you time to enter your personal information and to take the computer tutorial before beginning the test.

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If you would like to visit the official Praxis site, please click on the link below:

ETS Official Praxis Website